What is a financial agreement?

A Financial Agreement, sometimes called a Binding Financial Agreement or Pre-nup, is a legal agreement about what would happen with finances if the relationship were to come to an end.

Agreements can provide that each party keep the assets they currently have, which is often appropriate for relationships later in life. Younger couples who are likely to accumulate assets or have children will usually need a bit more thought and tailoring.


Please complete the induction form above.

If there is something in your instructions that indicates a financial agreement or co-ownership agreement is going to be of no utility to you, we will let you know as much and not waste your time or money going forward.

If not, we will book you in for conference. During the conference, we will outline your different options to protect your interests and map out a strategy for going forward. The fee for an initial conference is $220 and the conference can take as long as you need it to.

That might be enough for you and you decide you don’t need a lawyer going forward.

If you do need a lawyer going forward, following the conference, we will provide you with a fixed fee quote with different options depending on what degre of legal protection you want. Co-ownership agreements start from $550. Financial agreements start from $2200.

Why have an agreement?

Many Australian couples make Agreements before moving in together, before marriage, when they purchase property together, or when repartnering later in life. They are a great way to ensure things will be clear and straightforward if a relationship comes to an end, allowing for an amicable, clean break.

Agreements are often contemplated when one party has assets far exceeding the value of the other’s, and the couple wants to ensure a fair outcome were a separation to occur.

The process

  • Use our easy online system to provide the instructions we’ll need

  • We’ll call you to talk about the outcomes you seek, and confirm our quote

  • We’ll prepare the Agreement for your approval

  • Your partner will need independent advice, and we can refer them to a good lawyer at another firm

  • Everyone signs the Agreement and the other necessary documents, and we’re done!