Why get a contract reviewed before you make an offer/bid on a property?


here are ten reasons

  1. We recommend which special conditions to have removed and which to have added (and where the wording needs to change to protect YOU)

  2. We help you craft your offer to the agent to be as persuasive as possible (hint: It is not just about the price that you offer…)

  3. We compare the current online pictures with the old online pictures to see what building works have taken place and then we make sure that the Vendors Statement has all the permits, reports and insurances required

  4. We check for anything funny on title that might prevent you using the property as you intended

  5. We check the Owners Corporation minutes for underlying maintenance or financial issues

  6. We let you know what services are connected and what the outgoings are

  7. We check for planning permit applications in the area to see if your privacy (or sleep-ins!) will be affected

  8. We tell you what to do in the first and final inspections of the property to protect your rights

  9. We look behind what the agent has told you to make sure it is reflected in the contract (because if it isn’t, verbal representations don’t mean much)

  10. We answer any other questions you have about the property because every purchaser is different. You might want to have five cats, AirBNB the property, run your biz from home, go up three storeys or park your semi-trailer out the front. We check if that will be A-OK.