What is a Grow-Nup?

You have heard of Pre-Nups, or Financial Agreements. They are long, complex, detailed and binding legal agreements about what would happen in a separation. They require each party to get formal independent legal advice, they are expensive to prepare and usually require a fair bit of legal negotiation, which is honestly not much fun.

Grow-Nups are more about having a grown-up conversation with your partner, and reaching a much broader non-legally binding agreement about what your expectations are.

They can clarify what you have each contributed to property you purchase together, set out how parents will be repaid if there’s a split, or take a more global view.

Did you know that only 1% of Australians who separate need a judge to decide things for them? In fact, the majority of people never even see a lawyer, or else they come to a lawyer just to tie off the legals on an agreement they reached themselves. Trust us, that is a monumentally better outcome than you’ll get in any legal fight.

A Grow-Nup puts you in the best position to be one of the fortunate (not to mention smart and dignified) people who work things out over the dinner table, and just see a lawyer to make it official.

We love technology, so we let you take your time setting out what your assets are, and what your plans are, via our online system. We give you some dot points to talk about, and then hold a videoconference with you both to distil your understanding into a simple agreement which you both sign and keep safe.

Grow-Nups are not legally binding. Rather, they help avoid the situation where legally binding documents are required. They’re a smart way to address potential issues in your relationship before they become problems. And if things don’t turn out the way you’d planned, and you’re unable to reach an agreement on your own, Grow-Nups can be used as evidence of what each of you contributed and what your intentions were when the going was good.