We’ve designed our services around what we want as busy parents.”
— Laura, Nest Legal

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Hello, we're Laura + Carla + Adelle (and our superstar conveyancers Tabitha + Alanna!)

After years of working in top commercial and government firms, we founded Nest Legal to help busy parents who want legal peace of mind for their families. We do Wills and conveyancing – all the legal needs that spring up as you start to build a nest for your family. Our associated family lawyer Max does prenups and separation advice.

We’ve designed our services around what we want as busy mums. We understand how busy you are, but that you don’t want to take chances when it is your family and home on the line. You can provide initial instructions via secure web forms at a time that suits you. Then once the little people are in bed, we can meet over Skype or phone, and finalise your Wills or discuss a strategy for your family law situation.

Our prices are fixed and available on our website.

Got a contract you’d like us to review? We do two free non-off the plan contract reviews for each client - fill out this form to get started.

For every referral from a past client, we invest $5 via Kiva to help other women build businesses that create better lives for their families.

Our approach to client service saw Nest Legal shortlisted for the 2015 LIV Law Firm of the Year and take out Australia’s top legal innovation prize in 2014, the judges describing us as an 'industry game-changer' through our 'innovative approach to client service that perfectly services its target market'. in 2016, Laura was one of the 300 women featured in the Trailblazing Women and the Law Project, the first publicly accessible, national, oral history of seven decades of Australia’s pioneer, trailblazing, women lawyers.

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Nest Family Law is Max Paterson, award-winning family lawyer, legal technologist, actor and all-round nice guy.  When he’s not helping out Nest Legal clients, he’s working on Settify – a mind-blowing ‘lawbot’ that gives preliminary legal advice to family law clients and collates what their lawyers need to know.  This reduces the stress, time and cost of the family law process – all the things we also dig at Nest Legal.  Max started his career at top-tier family law firm Landers & Rogers, started Settify in 2015 and set up Nest Family Law in 2017. He’s won awards for legal innovation, been nominated for the LIV Rising Star of the Year and also founded Bottled Snail Productions, a legal theatre company. 

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