What is Nest Family Law?

Nest Legal and Nest Family Law are separate law firms. We have separate legal structures, separate ownership, separate business systems and separate primary office locations. Information is kept confidential between the firms unless a client of each expressly consents to providing that information.  Which they might, if it means we can do their legal work quicker and cheaper. But it’s the client call.

Nest Family Law pays Nest Legal a 10% licence fee. This covers marketing expenses and in recognition of the goodwill associated with the Nest Legal brand due to its award-winning client service and its unique intellectual property involved in running a cloud-based after-hours law firm.  It does not increase the overall fees payable by the client. In fact, Nest Family Law clients get the same 10% discount on Nest Legal services that we give to existing Nest Legal clients.

A few reasons – there is a lot of crossover between family law, wills and conveyancing, particularly during the ‘nesting’ stage (i.e ‘pre-nups’).

Nest Legal clients were asking for family law assistance and whilst we know some great family lawyers, they weren’t keen on offering our clients the fixed fee, affordable, friendly, tech-assisted services that clients know and love Nest Legal for.  They also weren’t keen on Skyping with clients at night or creating a cost-effective solution for our first-home buyer clients who wanted an agreement to recognise unequal contributions to a property purchase. So people were going without the legal services they wanted. And this didn’t feel right.

Enter Max. We’d crossed paths on the legal innovation speaking circuit and got along like a house on fire. 

And we had fangirled Settify from afar and loved what it was doing to democratise access to family law advice. Max told us that he wanted to keep up his private family law practice. We told him that we wanted a family lawyer who would offer the same Nest experience, but in a way that didn’t conflict us from helping those same clients with their wills and conveyancing. He said he’d think about it. When he said that he’d also allow Nest clients to use Settify, we were sold (have a play with it here, isn’t it glorious?!)

Laura stamped her foot until Max came up with a menu of fixed fee services that suited Nest clients, ranging from the unbundled options for first-home buyers through to the no-stone-unturned litigation he would run at Landers. We also put our brains together and came up with ‘GrowNups’ – a cheap, painless way for modern couples to reach agreement about what would happen if. Now people can have grown up conversations, without nailing out everything in an expensive and binding pre-nup.

We’ve made Max sign an agreement that he will love, honour and obey Nest Legal clients with the same fervour we do. 

And we hope that working together, we can make more good happen than we could apart. Because that’s why we’re all here.

Why has Nest Legal created a family law offshoot?