Wills + powers of attorney + estate planning


What does the Estate Plan Package include?

An Estate Plan Package includes:

  • a Will

  • an Enduring Financial Power of Attorney (so someone can make financial and personal decisions on your behalf if you can't)

  • an Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker (so someone can make medical decisions on your behalf if you can't)

  • an Advance Care Directive (giving instructions about future medical treatment you consent to or refuse, and documenting your preferences for medical treatment)

  • a Digital Assets Register

  • a Memorandum of Directions for your Executor

  • advice on how to complete your Binding Death Benefit Nomination (to make sure your superannuation goes to who you want).

Estate Plan Packages are only available for Victorian clients. Wills are available for clients in all States/Territories. Wills come with the Digital Assets Register and the Memorandum of Directions.

Videoconference from your own home

Videoconference from your own home

Or come into the office!

Or come into the office!

Why do you need a Will and Powers of Attorney?

  • Don't let the government decide who gets your things

  • Do all you can to make sure your kids will be raised as you intended, should the worst happen to you and your partner

  • Choose your preferred people to raise your children and look after their inheritance, should you die whilst they are still minors

  • Organise your affairs to provide for your kids throughout their childhoods and prevent unnecessary tax bills

  • Reduce paperwork for those left behind

  • Direct who gets your superannuation (yes, you need a separate document for this)

  • Prevent your Will being challenged by jilted lovers or family members

  • Ensure your medical wishes are respected and someone has your back if you become unable to make decisions

  • Let your family know any funeral or burial wishes

  • Deal with the effect of marriage on any previous Wills

  • Make sure that your de facto or same sex partner is treated the way you want

  • Second marriage? Blended family? No problem. Modern families are our thing

  • Ensure your digital assets end up where and how you want them

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