How are we different?

Nest Legal were super helpful throughout the home buying process, and as first home buyers, they took the time to explain things to my wife and I simply and thoroughly.
— Cameron and Meredith, Footscray
Laura made the whole process of buying our first house much less daunting than we thought it would be - especially when it came to dealing with real estate agents and understanding our rights as buyers.
— Nick and Abi, Preston
  • Our conveyancing is undertaken on the basis of a fixed fee of $880 for purchase or sale or $440 for a transfer (inc. GST), plus disbursements (such as certificates, searches, any inspections and settlement agent). Disbursements can vary from between $150 to $500 depending on the types of inquiries your property needs (e.g if it needs multiple owners corporation certificates or if settlement is to take place somewhere odd). Our fee includes any contract variations, any variations to the settlement date, and advice on up to two contracts prior to purchase.

  • Our contract reviews are really really good. Buyer's advocates regularly tell us they are the most helpful reviews they have ever received from a law firm. They are detailed, practical and we help you know what to say when making your offer to the agent. We do two free reviews for each client, provided they engage us within three months (and if not, the prices are set out here).

  • If things get complicated, a conveyancer will pack you off to a lawyer. But as lawyers, we can provide any legal advice you require. If it is a simple query, there is no extra charge. If you require any complex legal advice or extra documents prepared, we will talk to you before starting the work and agree on an additional fixed price.

  • You should update your Will after acquiring a significant asset such as real estate. We can help with that!

  • If your property is in Victoria, we can act for you, whether you are in the city, country or overseas.

  • We operate a fully audited trust account for your protection.

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