PLEASE NOTE: our Family Lawyers are fully booked and the next consultations available are from mid-November onwards. If you submit your instructions in the meantime you will be added to our waitlist and our team will contact you when appointments become available.

Pick the option that suits you best and get started now:  

How we can help

If you’re contemplating separation and would just like to know where you stand, we offer a comprehensive interview where we answer all of your questions and provide the advice you need. We use our sophisticated online system to get all the info we need, and then speak with you for as long as necessary.

If you’ve reached a clear agreement with your partner about property arrangements, and you just want an expert family lawyer to prepare the necessary documents, we can do that quickly and with a minimum of fuss. 

If you’re still on reasonable terms with your ex, and would like us to negotiate a fair and sensible outcome for your property split and then make it official, we can help to keep things sensible and amicable, and resolve everything out of Court.

Please note we don't go to court. If you and your ex want to have a big expensive fight, we aren't the firm for you. But we are happy to refer you to any of the following family law firms (who are also the people we recommend if independent legal advice is needed in a consensual matter):

Jane Libbis, Umbrella Family Law (Melbourne region)

Sarah Jefford, Gaffney Law (Coburg)

Bloom Family Law (Thornbury)

Bonnie Esposito, Focus on Family (Thornbury)

Mary Louise Hatch, Spectrum Family Law (Deepdene)

Danielle Zetzer, Family Law Life (Brighton)


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We will then book in for an initial conference. During the conference, we will outline your different options and map out a strategy for going forward. The fee for an initial conference is $220.

That might be enough for you and you decide you don’t need a lawyer going forward.

If you do need a lawyer going forward, following the conference, we will provide you with a fixed fee quote. They are usually based on our menu here (with different options depending on how much you want us involved).

Just advice

Our expert family lawyers will give you all of the advice you need to know your rights, where you stand, and what your options are.

Our sophisticated online system will make a good start, by providing you with some really helpful background information that is applicable to your specific situation. It will also gather the key information we will need to consider your situation, so that we can make the most of our time together.

Do the documents

We’ll prepare all of the legal documents you’ll need to finalise your separation and have it all neatly tied off. With our online system, we can do it quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Negotiating the split

If you have essentially agreed on things, we’ll help you to finalise and resolve and document everything quickly and sensibly, and for a set fee.

Please use our online system to get some really helpful background information that is applicable to your specific situation, and provide us with the information that we need to make this as seamless as possible.