The Nest Legal Fundraising Program helps your childcare centre or school raise funds without forcing parents to buy anything they don't need.

Why fundraise with Nest Legal?

  1. All parents need Wills, Powers of Attorney and Binding Death Nominations, and few have time to organise them.  No more guilting parents into buying unnecessary merchandise or junk food!

  2. Centres and schools earn 20% commission.

  3. No work needed by staff members or volunteers other than forwarding an email to parents.

How does Nest Legal fundraising work?

  1. Register your centre or school's interest below.  You will then be sent a unique code, and readymade promotional material (x2 emails, and text for newsletter and website) to circulate to parents, and terms and conditions to sign and return, specifying your bank account details.

  2. Parents fill out this online form, provide the relevant code, transfer the funds to the Nest Legal Trust Account, and book in an online or telephone conference. These are at 8 or 9pm (once the kids are in bed).

  3. I send parents draft documents 24 hours before the conference.  During the conference, I explain the documents in detail.  After the conference, I email documents to parents with signing instructions.  Parents can either send back scanned versions (to confirm they have been signed correctly) or post them to Nest Legal to store.

  4. At the end of the fundraising period, I transfer the 20% commission (after GST) to the centre, itemising the number of Wills sold for your records.

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