The Nest Legal Fundraising Program helps your childcare centre, kinder or school raise funds without forcing parents to buy anything they don't need.

Why fundraise with Nest Legal?

  1. All parents need Wills, and few have time to organise them.  No more guilting parents into buying unnecessary merchandise or junk food!

  2. Centres and schools earn $50 per package sold. We have created a discounted version of our usual Couple’s Wills offering ($250 rather than $550).

  3. No work needed by staff members or volunteers other than forwarding an email to parents and sticking up a poster.

How does Nest Legal fundraising work?

  1. Register your centre or school's interest below or ask any questions.  We only allow three centres per month, so we will arrange which month your centre can participate and send a representative of the centre our terms and conditions. We will undertake any necessary registration of the fundraiser with Consumer Affairs. 

  2. Before your month starts, you will be sent a unique code, and readymade promotional material (x2 emails, and text for newsletter and website) to circulate to parents.

  3. Parents fill out the online form, provide the centre's code and pay online. 

  4. Parents are then sent draft documents and our explainer videos. 

  5. Parents can then book in a 20-minute evening conference with an experienced lawyer to ask any outstanding questions. These are at 8 or 9pm (once the kids are in bed). The lawyer can make amendments required during that conference and then send final documents.

  6. Parents sign their Wills and send them back to Nest Legal to check correct execution and store the originals.

  7. At the end of the fundraising period, I transfer $50 per Wills package to the centre's bank account, itemising the number of Wills sold for your records. 

How is Nest's fundraising package ($250) different to its Couple's Wills package ($550)?

  1. The documents are explained via videos and a 20-minute conference, rather than a 60-minute conference. The full package includes unlimited reasonable edits, whereas the fundraising package only includes edits that can be made by the lawyer during the 20 minute conference. The full package includes document witnessing. 

  2. The fundraising package is not available for families who:

    1. have companies or trusts or SMSFs or partnerships

    2. have kids from a previous relationship

    3. have assets overseas

    4. want a trust in their Will other than a minor's trust

    5. want to leave someone out of their Will

    6. has someone in their family with a disability or special needs; or

    7. if you and your partner aren't in agreement about who to leave your estate to.

  3. The fundraising package is only available through the fundraising program.

What if a family wants to participate in the fundraiser but has more complex needs?

  1. If such a family submits instructions for one of Nest Legal's normal packages during the fundraising period, we will pay $50 to the centre.

how does nest's fundraising package compare to post office will kits and other online will services?

  1. Includes explanatory videos and a 20-minute conference with an experienced lawyer to answer any questions, make amendments as requested and check over the documents.
  2. Lawyers check that you have executed the documents correctly.
  3. Free storage.
  4. Includes two Wills, a Digital Assets Register, Guide for your Executor, Guide for the Guardian of your children and detailed signing instructions.
  5. Detailed questionnaire to make sure that the package is tailored for your family, reducing the risk of challenge or invalidity.

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